A special Autumn Lookbook

The Fairy

I fell in love with this wonderful green velvet dress. Green has always been one of my favorite colors. So fresh and magical, so glamorous and beautiful. I can’t help it, but wearing such a dress at such a location makes me feel like a real-life fairy. So let’s come with me to fairy-land!

Dress: The Pretty Dress Company (gifted), Shoes: TopVintage

The Detective

My newest style inspiration for this season: Sherlock Holmes! I love to wear dresses and skirts but there’s something very special about the more masculine looks. This look in particular makes me feel smart and tough just like a detective.

Flat cap: True Vintage, Blouse: Miss Patina (gifted), Trousers: Vivien of Holloway (gifted)

The Dreamer

Is there something more beautiful than a walk through a park during autumn? All the wonderful colors, light that is shining through the leaves of the trees, the sound of the wind. For these kind of days I like to wear a tartan dress with a wide skirt so I can twirl around and daydream.

Dress: The Pretty Dress Company (gifted), Shoes: TopVintage

Which one was your favorite look? The Fairy, the Dreamer or maybe the Detective? Let me know! ❤

Your Shirinatra xx

One Comment Add yours

  1. I love the Sherlock Holmes inspiration! I recently wrote a post about fictional characters and their fashion, and I so nearly wrote about him. Great pictures.


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