Vintage magazine Collection

There are people who like to collect stamps, porcelain figures or tea cups and there are also people like me who have big collections of books, films and old magazines. I started collecting old magazines only a few months ago, so unfortunately I don’t have a lot of them yet. But I wanted to share them with you anyway and give you some tips on where to find your own vintage magazines. So let’s go!

All of my magazines are “Picturegoer“, which was a british fan magazine published between 1911 and 1960. It focused on the films and its actors and actresses.

From January 1960 with the amazing Paul Newman on the cover. It contains articles about Sophia Loren and Gregory Peck.

Published in February 1952. This was my first magazine and I absolutely love the cover with Elizabeth Taylor. Isn’t it just lovely?

Of course, I enjoy reading the articles about movies and actors/actresses but one of the most interesting parts of those magazines are actually the ads. It’s so cool to see how different it was back then and I especially love the illustrated ones – they’re so aesthetic!

A dancing Rita Hayworth was on the cover of Picturegoer in April 1952. The ad on the back is so aesthetically pleasing – why can’t we do ads like this these days?

A copy from March 1950. Look at this cover, it shows Doris Day in a lovely wedding outfit – probably my favorlte out of all 6.

Where and how can you get old magazines?

  1. Etsy & Ebay – The easiest way to find old magazines is of course – the internet. I just typed some key words into the search bar and worked my way through it. It took a while to find some good magazines but it was worth it. Key words would be: old magazine + name of an actor/actress or the year f.e. 40’s and 50’s.
  2. Flea markets – Very obvious but to make this list completed, I wanted to mention it anyway. I haven’t found a good magazine on a fleamarket myself. Only some german film prospects, that’s it. But I heard from other people (around the US and GB) that you can find some very good ones if you’re attentive enough.

Different magazines you can search for are f.e. Picturegoer, Modern Screen, Movieland and Life.

Jane Powell on the cover of a copy from June 1953. This is one of my favorite magazines because it contains an article about my beloved Audrey Hepburn and it has Marilyn Monroe on the back.

From August 1959, with the italian actress Claudia Cardinale on the cover.

I hope this post was helpful and maybe some of you start their own magazine collection now πŸ™Š See you soon!

Your Shirinatra xx