Living with Panic Attacks

Due to some recent experiences, I decided to talk about something more personal again. I don’t know if this post will make any sense at all and I also don’t have a specific intention. But I realized that it helps me to share my thoughts and feelings, and that’s what I’m exactly going to do today.

For more than half a year now, I struggle with panic attacks. Most of the time, they come out of nowhere in completely random but normal situations – when I lay in my bed, when I cook, when I go shopping etc. My heartbeat gets faster, the breathing gets harder, I feel dizzy, I sweat etc. – the symptomes and intensity are always a bit different. Fortunately, I learned to control my panic attacks during these “normal” situations. Well, at least most of the time. I sit down, try to control my breath, drink some water and tell myself that everything will be fine. Sometimes I also try to distract myself with movies etc. and after a while everything’s fine again. But sometimes, they get a bit heavier, so it really takes a bit longer to calm down and I do feel bad for the rest of the day.

During the last few weeks I was at two different big events – a dart tournament and a club party. You should know that I never had a problem with attending such events. I usually enjoyed it and had a great time. But it was bit different this time. At both events where a lot of people, loud music, bad air, a deep bass and crazy lights – and that was too much for me! It may sound crazy if you never experienced a panik attack but I felt like I was going to die. I thought I would never come out of this building again, that I would just fall down and never stand up. I couldn’t breath, my heart was raising and my whole body was shaking – I felt like I was going completely crazy. It was a very intense situation and it was way stronger than my other attacks. Normally I’m able to manage it alone but in these situations I was really thankful I had my family and friends around me, who really helped me. Now I honestly do have a little fear to attend such events because I’m always thinking: What will happen? Will I get another panic attack? But of course that’s not the right way.

Have you ever had a panic attack? Do you have similiar experiences? And how do you control your attacks? If you want to chat and share your thoughts, feel always free to contact me on my social media! I think it’s extremely important to talk about these topics because it actually is something that a lot of people experience. More than you may think!

Your Shirinatra xx

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  1. divine candy says:

    I had my first panic attack about five moths ago (guess it has something to do with maturity exam and going to uni). It was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s hard to understand how it’s even possible until you have attack. After all this time and few attacks I have no idea what to do to calm down. It’s so unexpected that telling myself to get a grip makes things worse.


  2. Miriam Valencia says:

    Hello, I have anxiety and I also have had panic attacks. The way in which it comes out is that I can’t swallow the food, sometimes I can’t breathe correctly (I take a deep breath but I feel I need more air or I can’t fill my lungs). In other times when I was going to sleep (being in bed almost asleep) something in my head awaked me (like a warning, i don’t know how to explain)like a fearand despite I wanted to sleep and was sleepy , i couldn’t sleep beacuse I was afraid of never wake up .in a couple of times I felt my body shaking and kind of numb and I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore and I was going to die, and I was really afraid of that. All this happens anytime and anywhere, when I am the most relaxed, when I’m happy etc. And it is beacuse all the stressed and anxiety accumulate for much time and certain time it comes out without a warning. Anxiety is that way and panic attacks are derived from anxiety 😦 I am used to this things. Almost all the time I control myself and look for a way to get distracted and relaxed, like you 🙂

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  3. Sophie VL says:

    You have to realize that there is a spiritual world too. By going regularely going to events like that you could have shipped up with you one ore more entities. When those pannic or anxiety attacs appear it might be that an entity taps in your vibration to feed himself of your energy. You should then just try like you do it very well to stop, sit and breathe in that moment while connecting with your hand on your hart and try to visualise a light shield all around you (like if you are in a egg) and send love energy into your hart. I’m serious about this and do the shield protection before you go in crowded places because people are never ‚alone‘.
    P.s.:there a many other techniques but you will have to document yourself about it or you can ask me. By the way I love your fashion blog and videos
    I send you love energy 💗


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