Porcelain, Pearls & Roses – “Poporcelain” Product Review


When it comes to jewellery I’m a very simple person. I just like it classy and elegant! So when I found out about “Poporcelain“, I simply fell in love. Poporcelain is a jewellery brand from Denmark and they offer handmade alternative porcelain jewellery. They have necklaces, bracelettes, rings, earrings – all a women’s heart desires.

What I especially love about their products is, that every single piece is made with love and completly unique! So when they reached out for me to collaborate, I couldn’t be any happier!

When I received my parcel and saw this little box, I was already blown away by the whole very simple but beautiful aesthetic. Also the shipping was very fast and Kay was just the loveliest person you can imagine!

As you can see I went with a pair of earrings. It was actually very hard to decide, since all of their products are so amazing. They all would’ve been perfect for my vintage style but these earrings captured my heart.

I’m a big admirer of pearls and white roses, so they’re just perfect for moi. I love all the little details – the white pearls, the golden plugs and the porcelain roses with their golden contrasts – it’s just gorgeous!

So if you’re looking for some classy, elegant and unique jewellery to give your vintage or modern outfit the finishing touch – go check out Poporcelain. I can highly recommend them and believe me, you won’t regret it.

One last thing I want to mention, this is a 100% honest oppinion and I wasn’t forced to say any of these things. Also a huge thank you to Kay for making all of this possible. I’m still in awwe with these earrings and I wish you and your lovely brand the best luck for the future ❤

I’ll see you guys soon,

Your Shirinatra xx