My Roman Holiday

After two years, I finally went back to my beloved Rome. You should know that Italy is my favorite country and Rome in particular has a very special place in my heart. My first time in Rome was in 2015 with my family and when my parents told me about our upcoming trip I wasn’t as excited as I am now. I didn’t know a lot about Rome, it was just another big capital for me, but when I arrived I instantly fell in love. The first time I walked down the Via dei Condotti and arrived at the Spanish Steps was just magical. I had this instant warm feeling in my soul and felt like I came home. I can’t really tell if it were the buildings, the food, the people or just the whole atmosphere of the la dolce vita that captured me. But what I know is that I feel comfortable and happy at this place. Rome helps me to feel more positive and it makes me enjoy my life even more.

This year I spent one week with my brother and two friends there. We made a lot of sightseeing and also went to the beach one day. And even though it was already my third time, I explored and experienced new things anyway. But long story short, I’m going to show you some of my photographs which are probably the most interesting part!

The Spanish Steps – one of my favorite sights in Rome. We spent a few of our evenings there, just sitting on the steps, talking and watching the happenings. Also this place always gives me major Roman Holiday/Audrey Hepburn vibes. It makes me feel like Princess Ann in a certain way.

I fell in love with this green door, so I had to take a picture. Why can’t we have doors like that in Germany? 😀 They’re so aesthetically pleasing.

Of course the Forum Romanum is a must on everyones sightseeing list, so we spent one afternoon their. Also these milkmaid braids are a lifesaver when you’re in Rome or during the summer in general.

The Collosseo always succeeds in impressing me.

I absolutely love all the little alleys in Roma with their various shops and restaurants. Pizza, Pasta and Gelato till you drop! A dream!

It was my first time on the Piazza Navona and oh I love it. It’s a nice place to eat, watch artists or just sit at one of the fountains. Also they filmed a part of “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in one of the houses which makes it even more interesting 😛

Always wanted to see the Pantheon and now I finally been there. You should definitely visit it if you’re in Rome.

It’s said that if you go to the Trevi Fountain early in the morning or late in the evening, it’s not crowded. Unfortunately, I never managed to go there during these times. But besides, I really adore this place. I mean just look at the architecture – it’s insanely beautiful.

The view from the Castel San’Angelo.

And last but not least Rome by night.

These were only a few impressions of my roman trip but I hope you enjoyed it. As you may can imagine, I had a marvelous time even though it was extremly hot and I melted away. But that doesn’t matter as long as I am at my happy place. Now I’m back in Germany and I already miss Rome terribly but on the other hand it also feels good to be home again – were my loved ones are! So Ciao Roma and I’ll hopefully see you soon.

Your Shirinatra xx