40’s & 50’s inspired Swimwear


It’s that time of the year – warm weather, long evenings, cold drinks & icecream, sunbathing & swimming in the pool. I personally like the summer, if it’s not too hot outside, and I also really enjoy swimming. So of course I had to get myself some vintage inspired swimwear and that’s what I’m going to talk about today. I want to give you some inspiration for your vintage swimwear and some tips on where to find it.

Research & Inspo

Before I had a little shopping spree on the internet, I made some research and looked for some inspiration from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Both decades are very similiar when it comes to bathing suits and bikinis. The bottom parts actually have the same shapes, but the upper parts vary a lot. But convince yourself with some great Ads I found on Pinterest.

Some lovely swimwear ads from the 1950’s.

Some more swimwear ads from the 1940s.

I can’t help myself but love this kind of swimwear. For more inspiration, I also looked through some photographs, f.e. from Old Hollywood and found some great ones of Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner.

Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950’s.

Ava Gardner in the 1940’s.

And last but not least, I came across some lovely shots of girl groups spending some time together on the pool or on the beach.

Shopping & Brands

Now, that I had some ideas on what I want for myself, I started shopping. I looked through a few online stores and found loads of lovely stuff. The first shop I always “go to” is TopVintage, because it’s european and I don’t have to pay shipping. They have a huge range of different brands, f.e. Esther Williams Swimwear which is one of the most famous vintage swimwear brands worldwide. If you don’t shy away from spending a bit more money, this is the right thing for you. Their swimwear is utterly beautiful, very authentic and from high quality. I don’t have one of their products myself yet (because it’s too expensive) but a few friends told me that the money is totally worth it! But that’s not the only brand TopVintage offers, others would be Bellissima, Dancing Days by Banned and King Louie.

Another one I can recommend is Unique Vintage, which is an american online shop. They have their own swimwear collection with loads of different styles from the 40’s, 50’s and other decades, and they also offer a few pieces of brands like Bettie Page (they f.e. also have their own website with a bigger range here).

If you’re more on the cheaper side, just like me, you can also look for some swimwear on Amazon. And in the end, I actually bought two very beautiful vintage inspired swimsuits there (I did find stuff at TopVintage and Unique Vintage but it was either too expensive or they didn’t have it in my size :D).

The first one I got is this black and white stripped swimsuit. You may recognize that this one doesn’t resembles the ones shown above but I do think that it has a very vintage vibe! It’s by a brand called SHEKINI and the fashioning and fit is amazing for the price.

Therefore the second one is a bit more authentic and actually looks like a bikini from the 1950’s. This lovely blue white polka dot number is by Angerella. Just as the first one, it’s very well processed. It also exists in many different variations, so there’s something for everyone 🙂

I really can’t wait to wear my new swimwear this summer and take some cute pictures 🙂 I hope this post was inspiring and also a bit helpful for you guys. I’ll see you soon,

Your Shirinatra xx