My week in Outfits – Nr. 1


As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I started to wear Vintage on a daily basis. I made my researches, cleared out my wardrobe and bought my first reproduction and true Vintage pieces. Since it will take some time to rebuild my clothing collection, I thought it would be a nice idea to share my progress and what could be better than a good ol’ “My week in Outfits” series?


My week started with a rather cold Monday, so I made use of my beloved 40’s inspired navy Sailor Pants from Dancing Days by Banned and paired them with a striped blouse, also from Dancing Days by Banned. This combination really gave me some 40’s vibes, so I decided to wear a simple updo with a little twist on the front to make it look a bit more authentic.

To round out my outfit, I put on my favorite black belt from Von50s and a lovely golden rose brooch which I got on a flea market. And not to forget, my small pearl earrings which I wear nearly every day and which became one of my essentials.

I spent most of my day inside working on a new project but when I went outside, I covered my bare arms with a true vintage jacket from the 50’s and went with my not only beautiful but also comfortable 40’s inspired black shoes from Ellie.


The sun came out on Tuesday, finally, so I put on my favorite skirt from Collectif Clothing and my white Raglan blouse from Vivien of Holloway. I really love to combinate blouses with wide skirts, it gives me such a 50’s feeling. To accentuate my waist, I wore my black belt again and to make this outfit even more 50’s-ish, I put on a lovely polka dot red bandana and of course some pearls.

In the afternoon I went shopping with my mum, so I choosed some flats, black ballerinas, instead of heels. To be honest, I wear them most of the time since I’m not the biggest fan of heels but pssd. Also my dog Suri couldn’t resist taking a picture with me but I’m sure you don’t mind 😛


On Wednesday, I was in a very Audrey Hepburn kind of mood, so I got my Sabrina Neckline dress out of the closet, which I found on Amazon and is by a brand called Grace Karin. I really love the dress and I would love to have it in all various colors. The thin black waist belt came along with it and is also perfect for other outfits. To complete this Audrey inspired outfit, I of course had to wear some pearls (I told you I wear them everyday) and a little black handbag from TopVintage.


I already posted a very detailed Lookbook about this outfit, which you can find here. The only thing I changed was the top. I wore a pink cardigan from Primark during the day, instead of the white blouse, because it was quite fresh outside.


“It’s friday, I’m in love!” On this day I received a parcel from LindyBop and this lovely stripped shirt dress was in it. It came with a brown leather belt and is so airy and light – perfect for summer.

In the afternoon I met with a friend of mine, so I paired the dress with my vintage handbag and my new white sneakers from H&M. Since it was a very sunny day, I also couldn’t go without my beloved sunglasses from Primark.

I think out of all the 5 outfits, this was my favorite and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to wear it very often this summer 😀 I actually wore it not only on Friday but also on Saturday and Sunday. Yes, I wore the same outfit three times but I don’t care. I just love this dress!

But that’s it for my week in outfits. Which look was your favorite? And would you like to see more of these posts? I see you guys soon,

Your Shirinatra xx