Our first week in Ireland – Travel Diary, Nr. 1 

Over one week has passed since my boyfriend and I set out for Ireland and as I promised, I’m going to start my little travel diary to keep you updated. I thought about making these diary entries every 2 or 4 weeks, but I’m not sure. It depends on how much time I have for writing and if there’s something interesting to tell! But let’s get started.

Our trip started on October 25 and I have to admit, I was very nervous and I felt a bit sick because I realized I wouldn’t see my family for such a long time. So with shaking hands and legs and a racing heart, we went to the airport Berlin Tegel. We had to wake up very early, at 5 AM, to catch the flight, so we’ve been tired as hell which obvisiouly didn’t make me feel any better. All in all was the goodbye very quick but still full of tears, well, at least for me and our mums. It was a hard moment and if I had to explain my feelings I would say it was a mixture of fear, sadness but also happiness. I was sad because I had to leave my family and a little bit afraid because I wasn’t sure what to expect. But on the other hand I was happy because I knew I would start one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life with the person I love. Eventually that was the one thing that made me feel better when we went through the gate and after a 2 1/2 hours flight we finally arrived in Dublin, ready to conquer Ireland 😉

Come Fly With Me, let’s fly, let’s fly away.

For the first 2 nights we stayed in a hostel near The Spire, so basically in the heart of the centre. It was our first time in a hostel so we didn’t know what to expect but all in all it was ok for the our short stay. We shared a room with 6 other people from all over the world and nearly all of them were snoring. Oh my gosh, you may can imagine how “good” I slept 😀 Anyway, we had free breakfast, a cozy bed and a warm shower so it could be worse!

During these 2 days we just walked around (A LOT! My legs and feet hurt so much.) and explored the city with it’s lovely old buildings, pubs and bridges. I took a lot of photographs with my camera, but sadly I can’t upload them because I don’t have my laptop with me. (Maybe I’ll make a whole post full of photographs when I’m at home again 😀 We’ll see.) Overall, we both had a great and (more or less) stressless start in Ireland and we just enjoyed our time together.

A photograph of Dublin by night.

On Friday we went off to Sligo to work there in “The Beehive” hostel. As I already mentioned in my last post, we have an account on Helpx, which is a platform for volunteer work, and the hosts offered us this job there. We have to work for 20 to 25 hours a week for free accommodation and breakfast which is really nice for the beginning of our journey. And of course we had to grab the chance and now we’re going to spend one month here in Sligo.

To give you a small overview: Sligo is on the north west coast of Ireland, it’s the capital of the eponymous county Sligo, around 4 hours away from Dublin and 2 hours from Galway, and it’s a very small but lovely city with a big river, about 150 pubs and lovely beaches. When we arrived here after a 4 hours bus drive, we really felt welcome. The hosts and the other helpers are a few years older than us, so we’re the youngest, the ‘spring chicken‘, in the crew. But anyway, they’re all easy going people and always there when we need help. So we had lots of luck! 🙂

Lovely photographs of Sligo by night. There’s a big river flowing through the city and since there are a lot of pubs everythings looks so cozy and nice at night.

My boyfriend and I when we walked through Sligo.

For the first few days we had some free time, to explore the area and to settle down a bit. So after we walked through the whole centre of Sligo, which took us only 20 minutes, we decided to head out to one of the beaches of the Wild Atlantic Way. The one we choosed is only 15 minutes away from our hostel and is called Strandhill Beach. When we left the bus, the first thing we saw was a big, green hill and I have to admit, I was totally overwhelmed by this view. As you may know, one of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Ireland was to see the amazing irish nature. And now I was finally able to see something. It was amazing!

The big hill we saw before we went to Strandhill Beach.

The beach itself was lovely and we had lots of luck with the weather. We just walked along the coast, watched the surfers, had a delicious ice cream (Toffee and Nutella ice cream – it was sooo tasty!) and enjoyed the sound of the sea and the view. I always dreamed of living by the sea so it’s nice to know that I’m able to go the beach when ever I want (well, at least for one month). But now convince yourself – here are a few photographs of our beach Sunday at Strandhill!

On Monday and Wednesday we got some work instructions and started to clean and make a few beds, and we also had the chance to check in a few people for the first time, which was a bit doggerel because you have to remember so many things. Luckily it was more like a ‘trial work‘ and we still got some help from the others but this weekend we’re going to work alone for the first time. We’ll see how this turns out 😀 But generally, I have to say the work is not that hard and after doing it a few times you get used to it.

During the week, we’ve also been in a pub for the first time called ‘The Swagman‘. When we arrived in Ireland we thought that you’re only allowed to visit a pub when you’re over 21. Because that’s what everyone said back in Germany. But the people here in Sligo told us that as long as you’re over 18 you can visit every pub (at least in Sligo, they weren’t sure if it’s the same in Dublin or in another city). So on Tuesday evening, we headed out with the others to drink a pint and listen to some live music. Well, that’s what we planed to do but in the end the others just wanted to sit outside, so sadly I didn’t get this ‘pub feeling‘. Maybe next time!

All in all, I feel very comfortable and I really enjoy and appreciate to be here. Speaking English itself isn’t a big deal for me but understanding the irish people isn’t that easy because they have a totally different accent then f.e. Americans or british people. Besides, I still have to make an effort to get more open and talkative but it get’s better from day to day and I mean, it’s only the beginning so I have enough time get out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, I have Marvin by my side who always supports and helps me to achieve my goal of getting more confident. (So at this point, thanks to Marvin because without you everything would be much harder for me!)

Anyway, I think that’s enough for today, for my first Travel Diary Entry and I hope it was interesting (and not too long 😀 ). I’ll try to keep you updated as often as I can about our life in Sligo and about all the other stuff we plan to do afterwards. So stay tuned for more and if you want to know more about our first week feel free to contact me on my other social media. Lots of love from Ireland,

Your Shirinatra xx