A story about self-esteem: “The quirky things are what make you beautiful”

I recently read Lily Collins’ book “Unfiltered: No Shame, no regrets, just me” and it inspired me to write this post. You should know Lily is one of the few modern actresses I adore and for me she’s a huge role model. So I was really happy when Lily announced she would write her own first book. Of course, as a big Lily fan, I had to buy it and I have to say: I love this book.

Lily opens herself up like never before and she talks about experiences, fears and her deepest thoughts. She shows that she is just a normal woman and it’s unbelievable how often she just spoke right from my soul. She gives so much hope, strength and self-trust through her words and after reading it I felt more confident and stronger than before. Therefore, I can only recommend it to every woman out there, especially when you are a woman who adores Miss Collins! 🙂


But why am I telling you that? In one of her chapters, Lily talks about a topic which is very important to me. It’s all in all about self-esteem, that you should love yourself and accept yourself no matter what other people say. I already told you that I’m still struggling with my self-confidence now and then and that I still have self-doubts sometimes. But what I always try to remember is one thing:

“[..] the quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful.”

It’s a quote from Lily’s book and it eventually became one of my mantras. I wish I would have believed in this saying when I was 13, because it would have prevent a lot. At that time I was impatient of my appearance because I had thick and bushy eyebrows. I felt different and a few people, mostly anonymously, told me that I was ugly because back then everybody had thin eyebrows. As a young girl who never had a huge confidence, I decided to pluck them to feel prettier and especially to feel accepted. When I think about it now, it was crazy. I changed myself to please people I didn’t even know and to fit into the beauty standards. I wanted to be like the others, I wanted to be normal and not different. Now, a few years later, I can proudly say that this time is over. I feel confident enough to wear my thick eyebrows. I’m confident enough to be a bit different and to love my quirks. And I’m confident enough to say that I’m satisfied with the way I look. Of course, there are times in which I would like to hole up, but at the end of the day I accept myself.

So what I want to say is, that you should be the person you are. That you don’t have to be like all the others to be beautiful. That you’ll get accepted no matter if you have, for example, thick or thin eyebrows 😛 That you should appreciate your quirks because they are what make you special and beautiful!

Sometimes we just need someone who tells us what we need to hear and for me that was, besides my family and friends, Lily. So thank you Lily for reminding me that I’m worth it and that I don’t have to be like the others to be beautiful ❤ And now I want to remind you: you are wonderful, you are beautiful, you are worth itwith all of your quirks!

Your Shirinatra xx